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The central nervous system of our capital, this space is high spec and high tech. Featuring, The Coliseum: 1100 sqm of pure gaming rapture and our exclusive VIP experiences.

All geared up to enable you to rise through the ranks of our competitive Red vs Blue gaming community. Beat out the competition to win perks and prizes and even be featured on our very own Wall Of Fame.

Our luxury PC and console-seated facilities offer a private set-up or option to band together with your friends in group combat through our connected PC network. 


An epic theatre with 200 raised gaming stations, get ready for a spectacular 360° view as the gladiators of gaming go into battle. Split into 4 blocks, with 4 huge screens, this is your combative hub.

Take part in competitions, regional tournaments and huge international championships, then feel the buzz of live gaming broadcasting as it is aired to millions around the globe from our very own in-house studios and TV channel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Arena.

VIP Rooms

You choose the console. You choose the platform.
Online or offline multi-player? We’ll make it happen!

Enjoy the thrill of gaming in complete privacy with our VIP Room experience. We have 5 exclusive rooms all enhanced with the highest spec PCs and consoles and the latest releases all locked and loaded. Compete in complete privacy with your friends, family or workmates. Each exclusive room is fully equipped with a 52” screen, Xbox, PlayStation consoles or PC, sound system and top 20 games.

Meanwhile, star treatment from our crew and an excellent selection of food and beverages will be sure to keep you on top of your game!

VIP Room